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I spent most of my time this semester working on several learning goals I established for myself (A) as well as further developing theories about my creative process (B) and structuring my thoughts (C) and giving space (D).




My learning goals included building personal resilience, project and time management and learning how to do research in an academic and structured matter.  

One I am in the process of writing a cartography of the artefact of script as presented in performance art. What I refer to as 'script' is the embodiment of the set of instructions given to a performer in the case of a body of performance art. I developed a way of thinking about movement of the body in a grid of two axis where I mapped out ten performance art pieces chosen on gut feeling along these two axis. The diagram I am referring to can be found in the Document: 'Onderzoek NMR: Script in Performance'

A proud moment for me was the acceptance of my first paper in an academic journal, 'Ever it Takes: On Interspecies Embryonic Care through Semi-permeability' uses a performance in which i used my body heat to hatch seven reptile eggs as an entrypoint for a recontextualization of the term 'Semi-permeability' as one that I wish to develop in the field of Object Oriented Onthology. The paper can be found to the right here:

I've been keeping three weekly journals on resilience, structured thinking and project management.

In terms of coursework I followed as much as I could fit into this semester as I plan on traveling to Mexico for several months the coming semester. The course results can be viewed here, here and here

I was invited by the De Tao Masters Academy Institute of Visual Arts in Shanghai to give a guest lecture on my research topic: 'Technological Mediation of the Performing Body.' An overview of the talk can be viewed in the document next to this text. 

I was invited by the De Tao I Started Black Brick: Platform for transdisciplinary Research as a place to give stage to a broad range of artistic research topics as well to utilize my conversational skills. Black Brick includes a weekly podcast and blog post as well as an ongoing research project between me and Lars van der Miesen on the origin of reason and unreason and revaluating the value of unreason in contemporary society through artistic practice. 

The project, which is currently in a start up phase, has been received support from V2, together with V2, a funding proposal was written for the activities of Black Brick for the coming six months.

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